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Contact Marketing was established in 1995, and has gained an excellent reputation
for providing a professional and effective telemarketing business development

Our service can be used for clients in all sectors of the industry, We are able to be
flexible to our clients projects, working on a 'Bolt on' basis for individual projects or as
an ongoing and integral part of your workforce, enabling us to provide your company
with a continuous sales & marketing support team. Enhancing your company image
with our professional approach.

Contact Marketing is able to provide services onsite, or if preferred at a separate
location, either way the quality of the work undertaken will remain the same. We
work in partnership with our clients from the earliest stages of their plans, which
mean the Contact Marketing team all gain a thorough understanding of the client's

Each assignment will be tailor-made to the client's specific objectives, this ensures
that our clients only pay for the service that they require.

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